What is the Muvslide API?

Muvslide has 3 parts:

  • A free mobile app.
  • A client application that needs the input from one or more smartphones.
  • A free API (a library).

The API is a .DLL file that you include in your project in order to call methods that take care of making the connection to the smartphone and get input from it.

Some basic code

Getting your application connected to your phone is as simple as this:

MuvslideConnection connection = MuvslideConnection();

And getting your smartphone's orientation would be something like:

MuvslideInput input = connection.GetInputManager();
float[] myRotation = input.GetOrientationDegrees(); //rotation in x, y, and z

You can read the full code reference or jump directly to the Unity code example or the tutorial for creating a VR controller.


Muvslide has been mainly tested in Unity, but it should work in any other applications that allow you to include the API in your project. So if you are not a Unity developer, I want to hear from you too!

Technical details

The API is a small (less than 100 KB) .DLL file that uses Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5. Include this .DLL file in your application and you are ready to start using the Muvslide in it.

For example, in order to include Muvslide in your Unity project, you just need to create a folder called "Plugins" under the "Assets" folder, and drop the .DLL there.

.DLL files work on Windows platforms and when included in Unity they get exported with the project to other platforms. For example, if you export an Android game after including the .DLL in your project, it will work perfectly fine.

Other platforms may be supported in the future, please let me know what are the platforms you care about.