Muvslide App

What is the Muvslide App?

Muvslide has 3 parts:

  • A free API (a library).
  • A client application that needs the input from one or more smartphones.
  • A free mobile app.

The App is free for you and free for you users, it contains no ads, and is designed to be a very simple and useful for VR and AR interaction.


How to integrate it with your application

You don't need to worry about integrate it, all the integration is done in the API side. You just tell your users where to find the Muvslide App. It will be available in Google Play Store soon.

Technical details

The Muvslide App works on Android OS and can be downloaded from the Google Play Store. The minimum Android version to use is 4.0.3, as currently it is the version suggested by Android Studio to produce an application compatible with most of the active Android devices.

Other platforms may be supported in the future, please let me know what are the platforms you care about.